Values and Our Business – (Hover over the images to find out more)

At 80/37 Solutions, we are proud of our family values

Like Rocky we aim to make sure we live our values.

At 80/37 Solutions, we are a massive advocate of well represented values, in life and in business. They drive who we are now, where we came from and where we want to go. Done right, they should aid in the growth and development of any individual, family organisation, or dog!

We have adopted an approach that is driven by the beliefs and gathered experience of its owner Barry Fitzpatrick through family and work life. They each have a story which we would like to share so you can understand who you are working with.

We see these family values as the foundation for our business, now and through future growth

TRUST is our foundation.

SUCCESS is our focus.

Business theorists widely claim that relationships both in and out of the working environment are built and destroyed on this concept.

No doubt, we have all had experiences of trusting someone at one point in our lives and being let down. It can damage an individual, a relationship, an organisation – beyond repair in some cases.

That said on the opposite end of the scale, when you put your trust in an individual and it pays off it can lead to a life fulfilled in and out of the working environment.

This is our interpretation of TRUST.

80/37 Solutions champion’s the notion that if the correct foundations in place, a plan is in place and we are surrounded by the right people – SUCCESS is the only outcome we should entertain.

Here is what SUCCESS means to us.