Our Sales SolutionsTestimonial

Over 800 new NPD Distribution Points
85% Distribution
1 case sold in every 2 stores
100% POS placement

“At Grace Foods we have worked with Barry on a number of occasions to deliver sales drives to the independent sector. With the nature of the projects being very detail heavy and having lots of moving parts, Barry goes above and beyond to deliver on the projects on time.

Our last project with Barry, his team achieved an Average of 85% Distribution on our Core Range, over 800 new distribution points for our NPD, sold in 1 Case in every 2 stores and placed POS in 100% of stores where a decision maker was present.

Following this success, we are currently starting a new project with Barry and 8037 Solutions and we look forward to working with them in the future.”

Jack Elkins, Brand Manager, Grace Foods