Our Business Solutions Testimonial

Barry is very analytical and works at a very high level of detail. He is extremely commercially aware and has represented our company through several difficult negotiations and achieved positive outcomes on our behalf. Barry is a planner and thinker. This enables him to manage projects based on success criteria, whether that relates to outcomes, spend or time management.

In addition to his commercial acumen, Barry has a natural management style that allows him to develop team members. He is a good listener and compassionate, whilst still being able to deliver feedback, good or bad, in an effective manner.

Barry’s skill set is absolutely transferable to any and all business functions, whether that be strategic planning, analysis or team and individual development.

On a personal level Barry has strong morals and will always aim to do the “right thing”. He can be trusted and relied upon in all circumstances, his word is his bond. He gives 100% to the task in hand and displays the highest level of loyalty to those around him and his employer.

In short, I would have no hesitation in recommending Barry to any prospective future customer.

Andrew Heyes, Kepak, Financial Director

“I’ve worked with Barry for nearly 9mths and have found him to be the consummate professional; engaging clearly and honestly through collaboration to genuinely understand what my needs are and the best way to help deliver them. Barry has used a systematic and goal-focused approach with me which has helped me stay focused and reach targets set. As part of this, he has undertaken a lot of personal and professional research to understand my business and the type of work I do (and hasn’t charged for it). In addition, I regard Barry as more than a supplier but a friend too as he has developed both a professional and personal relationship which has worked for me. I would recommend Barry as a valuable addition to your business or services”

Andrew Hollingsworth, MD, Learning Transformations & Archeotype Ltd.